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Printing at Aap-Lab is based on aesthetics, craftsmanship, sustainability and personal service. We offer black and white and colour film developing - archival b/w prints - colour negs printed up to museum format - digital printing, Epsilon print up to 76 cm wide - dark room for rent.


Unique in the Netherlands! Aap-Lab prints colour negatives at a large format to 182 cm wide working with Kodak endura paper.

For exclusive personal time with a master printer, consult time and price.

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Aap-Lab work closely with the photography museum Huis Marseille and print for , among others,  Rineke Dijkstra, Jacqueline Hassink, Henk Wildschut, Morad Bouchakour, Katja Mater, Marrigje de Maar, Danielle van Ark, Popel Coumou, Rob Nypels, Han Singels, See Level and Foam.



Aap-Lab is a photo studio specialized in analog prints and making reproductions. In response to the disappearance of analog photographic facilities, Peter Svenson and Gerrit  Berghuis established Aap-Lab in 2005.


Aap-Lab is a unique photo studio in the Netherlands which still maintains high quality analog printing. The experienced eye of a master printer and handling the silver process creates excellent results. Unique is the exposing process Aap-Lab applies which constructs transparency and shows depth. Authenticity is valuable at Aap-Lab.


Peter Svenson and Gerrit Berghuis

“I  do  not  profess  to  have  perfected  an  art  but  to  have  commenced  one , the limits of which it is not possible at present exactly to ascertain “

                                                                                                              Fox Talbot  ca 1840



I think that we are all far more similar than our survival programming would have us believe. We all laugh and cry with the  same voice , the same language of pure experience.

 When I am printing I try to find that point  where the real and the perceived meet in a believable way.

The process is finite , bound by the same rules that created the thought , believable because of  it’s limitations. It is a world of  truth and beauty ,  a reaction of nature.

 It is only correct  when all the elements that make it work come together , and it transcends from just being a representative image to being an object in it’s own right.    A work of art

We work  optically with Rodenstock lenses onto Kodak Endura Photographic paper . This material has for us the advantage that it is very high in contrast and very durable.

To control the contrast and colour balance we expose the paper twice , first through the negative and the second from a different light source through clear film base.

The first exposure establishes the colour of the shadow areas and the second influences the highlights and light mid-tones. The relationship between the two exposures influences the contrast , curve and saturation extending the spectral range of the image beyond that of the film and closer to that which is perceived by the eye.

Blue shadows in a landscape become neutral when the first exposure is yellow and the second blue.

It is important that there is no stray light in the darkroom from the enlargers and timers. Everything needs to be blacked out and the paper process must be within the control parameters for it to work effectively.

This method of printing really works  and I’d encourage anybody who is interested to try it themselves , and feel free to contact us for information or advice.


Peter Svenson Foto Rineke Dijkstra







Office: +31(0)20 4081117

Peter Svenson: +31(0)6 38820246

Gerrit Berghuis: +31(0)6 50662696

Working hours: mon/fri 09:00 tot 17:00



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